Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Final design of Buddy

Here is the final design of buddy.  He's passed out on the bench.   Also here is a pic of the process from sketch book to final color.  Let me know what you think...Im getting lonely here! 

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Buddy on the bench -

So I have decided a name for my character.... His Name is Buddy. Here is a quick sketch I scanned in. Its done in pencil and pen. No PS

Character Update and and one for the birds!

Heres a few angles of the character Im working on. Im still trying to get his body exactly the way I want. So when i get a full body pose ill post it up right away. Bur hes supposed to be a bit loony, and quirky. He stubles on his words searching for the right one. And hes a bum on the streets of San Francisco.

These were more early concepts of the same character. Im finding that when i start a character i am very loose and cartoony . As I find the right shapes and forms i build off of the cartoon and bring it to a higher level design. This is a crazy bird that I did while at a bar in S.F. Not much to it just a bullet type shape and I guess he cant really fly. Ah well Not all birds do!