Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Post APE Frenzy

Hello everybody!

So Ape was a blast! Thanks to everyone who came and supported me and bought either a book, print or an original. Its always so humbling to see tons of great work under one roof.

Shout out time!
I want to say thanks to Chris Sonnenburg from Conduct Happiness and his lovely wife for being great booth partners! Thanks Guys! ;)
While I was at APE Bill Robinson let me know about a great event thats going on very soon. The Purrcasso art and Craft Sale will take place in Berkeley an Saturday November 7th and 8th.
There will be a silent Auction of dog and cat related artwork. The piece that I am submitting is below. Let me know what you guys think!

Also While I was at APE I painted an acrylic piece for a friend of his girlfriend in a yoga pose. Im starting to feel more comfortable with acrylics everyday! Below is a sample of the piece I did for Ben. Also Here are the larger images of the bikers on the poster. Enjoy....phew...long post!

Lastly, A picture of me at APE with my new banner! Woot woot! Picture taken by my Daisy!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

APE and Art Crank!!

Just wanted to let you guys know about a few things!

First of all this Weekend is the San Francisco Alternative Press Expo. (APE) Ill have a booth there and have a ton of stuff for you guys to check out! Skateboards, prints, originals, and of course my book "Sketch or Die". So Stop by and visit buy some cool art and say hello! Ill be at booth 462!

Next news item on the list - Ill be a featured artist at San Francisco's ART CRANK Bike Poster Show. Below is my submission to the show. It had to be a bike theme (of course), but aside from that I could do whatever I wanted. It was actually tons of fun to do. I created them separately ( you can see the originals framed above) in marker on paper.

Come on over to the Chrome bag store on 4th st at 7:00 pm on October 24th. Its gonna be a blast!! Sadly I wont be there...Ill be in Europe that night. But The posters will be pre-signed and numbered for your convenience. ALso they will be exclusive to this event, so if you like them then you had better be there on the 24th!

Have a good day guys!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Hands, Feet and Shoes!

Heres a few studies that I did last night. Hope you like them.

If you liked these then check out the updates on my Thesis project page. Its not much but theres a couple character studies there.

Friday, October 02, 2009

The Sartorialst -

So thanks to a blog post by Mel Milton... (another great artist ,find his name in my links list)Posted maybe a year or two ago I stumbled upon a great blog called The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman. It is now one of the most viewed blogs in the world and one of Time Magazines top 100 design Influencers.

Over the course of the time whenever Im having trouble with a character I know I can always go to Scotts blog and Look at the great pictures of ordinary and extraordinary people wearing the clothes that make them...well THEM. Fashion and clothing, just as art is a way of self expression.

Reading the blog over the last few months I noticed Scott was coming out with a book of the same title of the blog. So I went to the store and picked up a copy and was blown away with how jam packed full of pictures it is. Its a great buy for any artist, fashionista, and character designer.

As an Ode to Scott Schuman and His blog, I want to Draw as many characters from this book as possible. Now it would be great to draw all of them as they all deserve to be drawn.... but Im not going to make any promises here and now. lets just see what happens shall we...

For Now here are 2 of the Sketches by me, and inspired from
"The Sartorialist" by Scott Schuman.

The First is From Page 486

The Second is the Cover Girl

This one is the Cover of the Book ( photo by Scott Schuman) just to show you the way I will be designing and getting inspiration from the book.

I will NOT just copy the pose/clothing/or realistically render anything. I am doing this to 1. Draw better 2. Draw from what inspires me 3. Create memorable characters 4. DRAW BETTER!


Thursday, October 01, 2009

First Mobile blog post!!

Hey guys, Wow, I never thought that I would be able to upload a sketch to my blog while I was sipping coffee at a cafe... That's just crazy. Check out Blogpress! From the app store.

Here's a drawing I did last night while at sketch Tuesdays at 111 Minna gallery. I did more but my phone died before I could take any pics. Also Sorry I can't scan this one in. The woman who I drew purchased the piece before I even finished :)

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