Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sketch Book Doolin'

After a few Hours at Bush Gardens Tampa without any sales on a Monday morning I start to get very anxious. I want to draw so bad but there are no darn customers. SO, I whip out my handy little sketch book and draw people who i see walk by. Here are a couple of the better pages for yall.
THis is one of mt favorite things to do because it helps me get that very first impression of someone that i tend to lose track of when im drawing a retail sketch. I see them walk by and then try and draw them from that one quick glance.
Try it, Its super fun!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

NCN - Greatest thing Everrrrrrrrrr

So I got back From the NCN a couple weeks ago. I know, I know, Im posting this a bit late. But hey, the post is here.
Anyhoo - the 15th annual NCN convention was Amazing. It was my first one and had no idea of what to expect other than to be amazed and inspired by all the artwork. My intentions on this first convention were to
1 - Learn
2 - Have a great time
3 - Draw my ass off
I did all 3 of those and in the process met great people, seen great art work, and ate lots of food.
I cant explain it any further so ill just post some of my work. All These pictures done by me and hung up on my wall space at the con.
With that said I Highly encourage anybody to go to this convention and become a part of the NCN because. Youll never regret it!