Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Answer me This -

Ok -So heres the Scenerio -- Your at a coffee shop drawing, some people acknowledge the fact that they might me getting drawn in some way, wether it be portrait, caricature, or just a quick gesture of them. But whatever it may be They have no idea, just that its happening.

Today I was drawing a man and he suddenly, out of nowhere brings out his own sketchbook. He knew i was drawing him so then I think, i repeat - THINK, he started to draw me. But i was not sure, we connected eyes several times in the 10 minutes or so i used him as reference. But while we were drawing each other, we never spoke, or gave much more than a second glance. But I felt a relationship between us. I never asked to see the drawing and he never asked to see mine. But it was the mans appearance that made me want to draw him. And it was the same appearance that surprised me when he brought out a sketch book of his own. Well whatever came of his work, we shared a connection that 2 strangers hardly ever have. I draw people live all the time but this was beyond that, He may not have even drawn me, .... or he may not have even noticed i was drawing him. Wow, im just rambling now. Any hoo - here he is. It started out with a pen and grey marker. Then went itn PSCS2 to add a touch of color.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Drawing

This is my take on this woman. I have actually made the correction to this drawing and given her more gums and less teeth, i just have been to lazy to scan it. So heres the one with more teeth. Hope you like it.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Starbucks drawing fun!

This one is actually a teacher of mine. I was drawing her while she was lecturing in front of the computer monitor.

So lately i have been going to starbuck in between classes just to draw and get warmed up, literally, because its so cold here in San Jose right now.
But the faces, the faces, cant get enough of them.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Heres one i did a couple months ago while I was in Florida.
20 Minutes exactly.
Done at Busch Gardens with a Black Prisma Color...and paper of course. Duh!

The ol' Drawing Salon!!

Sooo... Is anyone out there??? HEllo??!!
Yeah I didnt think anyone reads this. So in hopes of gaining ratings Im going to put some nude drawings up. Hey what can I say , sex sells! Ok not sex, just 3-5 minute drawings of the nude figure( and they definitely dont sell).

I Go to figure salon at my school every Wednesday in hopes of drawing the figure with force and rhythym. Sometimes it almost succeeds and most of the time I fail miserably. But its only $3 and im addicted to drawing, so its a cheap high. Sorry for the rambling .
HEres the pics.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Urine My Dreams - Concept sketches

Here are some concept sketches for my short. Quick character designs and a couple background concepts that I am playing with for the different segments in my story.