Thursday, February 08, 2007

The ol' Drawing Salon!!

Sooo... Is anyone out there??? HEllo??!!
Yeah I didnt think anyone reads this. So in hopes of gaining ratings Im going to put some nude drawings up. Hey what can I say , sex sells! Ok not sex, just 3-5 minute drawings of the nude figure( and they definitely dont sell).

I Go to figure salon at my school every Wednesday in hopes of drawing the figure with force and rhythym. Sometimes it almost succeeds and most of the time I fail miserably. But its only $3 and im addicted to drawing, so its a cheap high. Sorry for the rambling .
HEres the pics.

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Everett said...

hey Fabian great stuff.If you really want some serious feedback and comments try posting your stuff on cgtalk. That is where I put my stuff up. Later man.