Monday, September 22, 2008

Bull (dog)

My Favorite dog is a bulldog.  So with our creature design class I had to do this project.  First the dog then the muscles, then the skeleton.  I learned a lot about animal anatomy doing these drawings.  Its all things I have learned before but this time around they just seemed to resonate with me... Hopefully forever.  Next I must create a creature based on the bulldog. Ill post those sometime this weekend. 

More from the clothed figure...

Here Is some clothed figure stuff. This man was a pretty great model, and when i say great i mean that he was comfortable with what he was doing...he fell asleep during a couple poses, but hey, at least he didnt move!  He also had a funny look about him.  I tried to caricature this slightly (my teacher doesnt like me to exaggerate  too much).  

But here he is.  

Monday, September 15, 2008

Dog Show Sketches

Im taking a creature design Class with Joe Weatherly here at the Academy that Im really excited about. Our First field Trip we went to the Marin County Dog Show. It was pretty cool...I had never been to a dog show, and had only seen them on TV. It so funny to see all the dogs and the character they have! But then the owners are just as fun to watch. People were cheering for the winners as if they had just scored a touchdown... and some were really depressed that their horribly behaved dog did not win first Place. I would love to go back and recommend anyone who loves dogs or quick sketching try and attend a dog show.

Heres a page from my book.

Hope its enjoyable.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Clothed Figure Drawing

Here are a few Examples of my work from clothed figure drawing. Its only day 2 and i am seeing some improvement in my work. In class we are doing 3-20 minute poses. This is new to me because I am so used to drawing fast that i get impatient around the 7 minute mark. But i think since ill be trying to slow down a bit I will see some improvement with my proportions because i will have the time to fix them and perfect them. THey have always been something I struggle with while drawing the figure. Ill post more of these, hopefully on a weekly basis.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

New Web Site!

Please go to and check out the new fun! Fabian is an animation Blog that I am just starting and it has links to my Sketch Blog(here), portfolio, and Thesis Project Journal. Have FUn and Ill upload more soon. I have been slaving away at this for a couple of days so there definitely more to come!