Monday, January 28, 2008

Moon over my Hammy!!

Hey yall -
Heres a few things i have been working on. Im trying to draw whenever I get a chance but It hard to keep up with posts because im also working on some animation. I really want to get better with my animation, both 2d and 3d so, im going to be a bit more hardcore about it. I MUST in order to succeed. I have been getting really excited about little things involving film these days. If you guys have not yet seen There will be blood, you should go and check it out. I highly suggest it. Its a great film all around including lighting, music and story. But what I really loved about this film is how well they developed Character. This whole movie took us deeper into the mind of a seriously Greedy man. I will not say more, except that I loved it.

A great story is what makes a great film, a great Character is what makes you feel a great film.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Moon Painting

So here is a photoshop painting sketch that I did. I Used the sketch below to as my base and thought about the more technical side of things like perspective and value. Also a bit of tones. So i hope I improved the drawing and the the illustration as concept art.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


These are a few drawings from the Bodyworlds 2 exchbit at the San Jose Tech museum. Quick sketch for the moon Project.

I got a Moleskin sketch book for Christmas. Here is a few of the pages :

Back in Full Effect!

Ok ok, sorry for the lack of posts. Things are just calming down from the holidays and my move back to my hometown. I have been getting in a bit more drawing time the last couple days. Oh and I lost my glasses so its been a real ache looking at computer screens but Alas I have a new pair. First off - heres a caricature of my Buddy and Roommate Brad Crosat. More to come soon...real soon.