Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Disneyland Photos Set 1

These are photos of our disneyland trip.  We went to the happiest place on earth  for NYE.  For those who don’t know Disneyland on NYE is one of the busiest days of the year.  I know you may have seen the video that I posted a couple weeks ago that contain these photos.  But these are the special ones that I thought were cool enough  to show on their own.  
Let me know your thoughts. :) 
Enjoy your day.  

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Drawings with a cup of coffee.

Drawing and drinking coffee. (Taken with Instagram at Coffee to the People)

Home Movie #4

Home movie #4 consists of about 900 photos from our day at Disneyland on NYE.  It was a great day.  The weather was perfect, the crowds were amusing, and the excitement was all around us.  As we anxiously waited for midnight to strike we  took full advantage of all the rides the park had to offer.  I  even got us a seat at the romantic Blue Bayou restaurant that is inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. woot!  When the fireworks came the fog had already taken over the sky, causing the light to spread and the sky to turn every color imaginable.  It was incredible.


Ready for the road trip! #tripstagram (Taken with Instagram at Home)

Another Home Movie for the future.  Take a look.  I tried a few more editing techniques on this one.  I hope it you like it.  It mainly focuses on A bit of our fun in San Francisco, my job at Idle Games and my friends there.
This was made using my iphone 4 and Final Cut Pro X.    Thanks for watching.  
Song:  Granola  by: Kouta


There was a great battle at the toy store yesterday. Many men were lost… But in the end the dragon was defeated by a single blazing arrow to the chest. I snapped this photo just before he went down. Today we mourn the fallen. Tomorrow we celebrate the standing. #storygram (Taken with Instagram at Jeffrey’s Toys & Comics)


2 Years.
Well, Yesterday makes 2 years with Idle Games.  I’m happy to be here, working with a great team.  I was telling my dad over the weekend that it’s a place where i feel  privileged to work.  So to everyone at Idle who see’s this  -  Thank you for the great experiences over the last 2 years.  Let’s get this game launched. :) @idlegames

Hey Guys, Some of you may know that I went to Montreal to speak at the Montreal International Games Summet (MIGS).  While I was there I gave a presentation on how we at Idle Games use Toon Boom’s Harmony animation software as a tool to bring our game, Idle Worship, to life.  
SO here it is.  Most of the presentation.  It shows a lot of behind the scenes and video and  footage of animations that are in the game and in even a bit of in progress animation. Take a look, see the game, hear me speak, and enjoy. 

We rock hard

We rock hard in #sanfrancisco. #typography #murals (Taken with instagram)

Sneak Peak

Sneak peek! This is a shot from the new Era music video, “The kid Inside”. Stay posted for the video coming soon! Brought to you by Era and Noon30 productions!!

A visit from the Goon Squad

A Visit From the Goon Squad. 
I finished this book on the last day of the OutsideLands Music Festival in San Francisco.  I only have a bit to say about it. -
Utterly amazing. We live with music; It’s in our pockets and more importantly it lies in our veins, like it or not. Now with this book, it transcends past our eardrums and into our eyes and reaches the skies. The last chapter was a tour de force, A stroke of Genius that pulled my strings and my attention like watching Arcade Fire at San Francisco’s Outside Lands Music festival in August. Anyone that has been to an amazing live concert and feels that their lives are different after having experienced it, will feel the same after reading this book. Thank you.


Rig_Amore Movie poster
Hey Guys, 
I will be exhibiting this weekend at the CTN-X animation expo.  Stop by and say hello if you are in the Burbank area!  I’ll be selling both of my books, originals,and These two new prints.  It’s going to be a blast!  Such amazing talent is here every year from all over.  The animation industry is growing and we’re all on the ride with it. 
See you there. 


Here is some very strange animation I did last night.  I just wanted to play around and starts something of my own.  
Here’s what I had in mind.   When I took a C++ class in high school the instructor gave us every programmers first assignment - “Hello World”.  They object is to produce the output of “Hello world” Onto the screen.  It seems like an easy task. but trust me I couldn’t do it today if my life depended on it.  the lesson has stuck though.  Everyone has to start somewhere.  I wonder if Mark Z.  had to do that for an assignment ever?  Well, I wanted to say “hello world”  in my own way.  
This video is the start of a simple project of 21 creatures sitting in 21 orange chairs saying hello 21 different ways. 
But for now…. there is only 2.  More to come.  So stay tuned. :) 

Old Navy

Still drawing at Old Navy… Hipster kid, mannequin, and #accidentalchinesehipster (Taken with Instagram at Old Navy)

If time could tell us something about us that we don’t know, what would it say? Who knows?  I sure don’t.   But is it even something I want to find out?    Actually, yes,  I would like to know more about myself.  And I would like for others to know more about me too.  More specifically, my close family and friends, and even more specifically maybe some future little people of my own.  

So what I decided to do was create series of home videos. Home videos like the ones that my dad used to make with his big camcorder. My dads videos became more than just the sum of their parts.  They are more than plastic VHS tapes and more than just a family.  Those home videos are golden.  Like Steve Jobs said, “you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.”  These are golden dots in time, that I or my kids will open up years down the road and look at how far we’ve all come.  We will be able to connect the dots and hopefully find some truly amazing things within ourselves.    

 This project is a sort of never ending one.  But one that can come to mean more and more as time goes on.  This project will come to show who I am and who I want to be, and even who I have grown to not be. These videos tell no story but are edited with a song in a fairly abstract way.  Just me, my iphone 4, and life.  Come on this ride and take a look at my first home movie.  


noon 30

I’m just sitting in a busy San Francisco coffee shop.  My headphones are on and i’m editing the day away.  The sun is shining bright on this wonderful saturday afternoon.   Everyone has a hustle.  Noon 30  Is mine.  That’s what you call the Summertime Grind.  :)  
Speaking of Noon 30 Productions  - Darryl and I are now a Legit Partnership. We have signed the paperwork and our awaiting our tax ID number.  So if you are in the bay area and need Photography, film, or animation completed let us know.  We are currently in full production mode but are definitely looking to expand and fill our future schedules.  
I hope you guys are on your hustle too. 
Noon 30


seriously. life would be complete…. -_-
Oh Man, I  Just did a Tumblr search for english bulldogs.  I normally don’t post this type of stuff but i am doing so for 2 reasons.  The first is that this dog is undeniably cute.  And his expression change here is so adorable.   
The second reason is how AWESOME this is a animation reference.  Seriously there is a really nice mix of big and subtle movements here. There is the big action of his expression changing from a curious or excited face to a confused and perplexed face.  I mean watch the jaw coming up… when it eases into the closed position it slowly pushes out and up the surrounding cheeks and jowls.   Theres also the ears and how they come up at different rates, one moving just slightly faster and higher then the other.   And they EYES… oh man the eyes say it all.   You can see if you look closely how the dogs right eyebrow moves up and sort of “causes” the other one to move ever so slightly, down in reaction.  Then slowness at the end really shows how this dogs cogs turn.  He’s really thinking.   REALLY!  There you have it,  Animation GOLD.    
Wow,  I guess this means I’m an animation nerd.  


I found these pictures while organizing my photos. Don’t think i have ever posted them. Just some in progress Stuff from a while back.
Don’t forget to keep checking out MY WEBSITE for more updates. :)

Music video art show

Hey Guys,
I am  a part of  a SUPER art show that opens TONIGHT in HOLLYWOOD. It’s called “My Music Video art Show” .  100+ artists’ work based on Music Videos at Gallery Meltdown (Hollywood, CA), reception is 8pm-12am. 
I did a piece based on Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights” Video. It is an acrylic piece.  I know, I know,  I don’t paint that often but when i do I always have a good time. But anyways this is a great show put on by  Chris Marrs Piliero.  He is the guy that directed the “tighten up”  Music video by the black keys.  He asked me personally to be in this show and I could not pass it up.
Take a look at the OFFICIAL press release from MTV.   It’s gonna be a blast.  If you are in LA or in Hollywood, it’s a MUST.  Have a great time and make sure to check out my Piece on kanye west. 


I like this sign I found this morning on my walk to work. It has an awesome frame that creates some really nice negative shapes within the typography. #rad #typography #San Francisco #sf #signs (Taken with Instagram at Chandler Fine Art)

Inside cover

I just shipped a copy of “Animating in the nude”. Have you bought yours yet? Get it at Fabianmolina.com

Here is what I have been animating on for the past 2 years.  We are making the best new game for Facebook. We have come a long way as a team and as a company.  It is an amazing feeling to be able to share this with you guys. I’ll give you more updates very soon.  Check out my other Idle Games inspired Video at Fabianmolina.com


Almost done with my painting of #kanyewest (Taken with instagram)



Idle Games

I work at Idle Games.  I like to think we Work hard and play hard.  Please check it out and share with your friends!  
 SONG BY: Noah and the Whale.


A guide to tell apart the 2 Matts at Idle Games.

Comic Con day 3

Comic con is over. I thank you all for supporting my work. Till next year friends. (Taken with instagram)

Comic con Day 2

Interview in progress. (Taken with instagram)


My first commission this week. (Taken with Instagram at SDCC)

Comic con Day 1

Just drawing away at the booth! Come say hi.

Comic Con

Hi Guys,
I just wanted to let you all know that I will be exhibiting at the San Diego Comic Con starting tomorrow evening.   The dates are July 20th - July 24th.  I am at exhibitor table F8.  It should be a great time so please stop by and say hello and bring me any sort of snack you desire. But if you need help on deciding what to bring me… I like sour patch kids! 
Anyways, I’ll have my new book “Animating in the Nude” for sale.  This is it’s second appearance at a convention. EXCITING!  Of course, I’ll also have my first book and a few other goodies for you to get your paws on. 
Here is the video I made to promote it.  Enjoy ! 


Dia de los Muertos - Phase 2 (Taken with instagram)


Page_14 Detail
Inspiration can most definitely come from relaxation.  When I drew these I was lounging by the pool in Lake Tahoe.  I had been busy with work and putting out animating in the nude that time had gotten pretty sparse.  So when I got to Tahoe for my Cousin’s Bachelor Party I took it not only as a time to celebrate, but also as a time to relax. I was inspired to draw balloons from a certain quote I heard on Kendrick Lamar’s “Celebraton” song.  Listen to it above. 

Zombies and Babes

Zombies and Babes!  Who wouldn’t approve??  
Eat your heart out!