Sunday, January 08, 2012


seriously. life would be complete…. -_-
Oh Man, I  Just did a Tumblr search for english bulldogs.  I normally don’t post this type of stuff but i am doing so for 2 reasons.  The first is that this dog is undeniably cute.  And his expression change here is so adorable.   
The second reason is how AWESOME this is a animation reference.  Seriously there is a really nice mix of big and subtle movements here. There is the big action of his expression changing from a curious or excited face to a confused and perplexed face.  I mean watch the jaw coming up… when it eases into the closed position it slowly pushes out and up the surrounding cheeks and jowls.   Theres also the ears and how they come up at different rates, one moving just slightly faster and higher then the other.   And they EYES… oh man the eyes say it all.   You can see if you look closely how the dogs right eyebrow moves up and sort of “causes” the other one to move ever so slightly, down in reaction.  Then slowness at the end really shows how this dogs cogs turn.  He’s really thinking.   REALLY!  There you have it,  Animation GOLD.    
Wow,  I guess this means I’m an animation nerd.  

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