Sunday, January 08, 2012


page_06   Erotica
Page_06 detail
Here we are, another day, another page of the Valentines Sketch book.  Here I was just trying to keep with the theme of the text on the page.  Plus, who doesn’t like seeing the female figure?
Drawing a page so that it feels good together as a whole is something that I have been striving to do for a very long time.   It happens for me one in a while where I feel like the page as a whole feels like it just “works”.  Not only filled with good drawings but that the composition and rhythm are working together with the drawings to give them a better platform to be on.  If things can feel like they flow well or draw they eye in a clear and concise direction then i feel I have done a good job.  Like I said, not every page works out.  And you will see that sometimes I fail miserably at it.  This page happened to turn out OK.  Definitely not a great example of what i am talking about but…OK

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Polly Love said...

looks great! :) Found this via - Google images!