Sunday, January 08, 2012


Here is some very strange animation I did last night.  I just wanted to play around and starts something of my own.  
Here’s what I had in mind.   When I took a C++ class in high school the instructor gave us every programmers first assignment - “Hello World”.  They object is to produce the output of “Hello world” Onto the screen.  It seems like an easy task. but trust me I couldn’t do it today if my life depended on it.  the lesson has stuck though.  Everyone has to start somewhere.  I wonder if Mark Z.  had to do that for an assignment ever?  Well, I wanted to say “hello world”  in my own way.  
This video is the start of a simple project of 21 creatures sitting in 21 orange chairs saying hello 21 different ways. 
But for now…. there is only 2.  More to come.  So stay tuned. :) 

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