Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sketch Book Doolin'

After a few Hours at Bush Gardens Tampa without any sales on a Monday morning I start to get very anxious. I want to draw so bad but there are no darn customers. SO, I whip out my handy little sketch book and draw people who i see walk by. Here are a couple of the better pages for yall.
THis is one of mt favorite things to do because it helps me get that very first impression of someone that i tend to lose track of when im drawing a retail sketch. I see them walk by and then try and draw them from that one quick glance.
Try it, Its super fun!


angela campisi said...

These are really great!

Laura, Kylee and Amy! said...

Hi Fabio!! thanks for talking to us! by the way, were too old for you!!! we love the art, kiddo.