Friday, August 24, 2007


Today I went to The Barber Shop and did some drawing before I got my hairs cut After i scanned this page in I did a quick over with photoshop. I want to get better at drawing enviornments and just places in general... so I htought the barber shop wold be nice because its very old inside and this man actually keeps stacks of playboy for the guests enjoyment. Sweet huh?

The other night i went to my Roommates baseball game and did some drawings of the players. It was a great place for doing quick gestures and there were lots of other interesting people there as well.
Joe Bluhm inspired me to draw some interesting birds. Thanks

Hey guys...
Im cant get enough of drawing in my sketch book with a micron pen. Im animating a lot in 2d with pencil and to warm up I draw in pen, which really helps me stay loose with my line (something that i need to do while I am animating).

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