Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lost in the Zoo

So Jeff Jackson Put a challenge up Titled : Lost in the Zoo. Here is my Final piece. Its more of a little story but you get the point. I spent more time on the final sketch than the first two so the piece as a whole is not as strong as it could be....i just wanted to stop.
Well tell me what you think. Fabes!


Jeff Jackson said...

Good stuff Fabian. So why's the first one flipped? I mean it's Photoshop, right? Can't you take the time to correct the copy. I mean it says "ooz" Not a good thing to show with a little girl. Speaking of which, she's cute and the bear's spiffy. Thanks for playin'.

californiagrown said...

Yeah the "ooz" was supposed to men that they were inside the zoo and not outside of it. But i guess it doesnt read that way. Ill change it for clarification. thanks for noticing that

Julian Meyer said...

Nice. I really like the last drawing.