Friday, June 20, 2008

Mixed bag of Nuts!

Heres a bit of mix up for you guys.  These are drawings that I did whhile in public places.  Either on the bus, train, at a coffee shop or just sitting on a park bench in the sunshine with a lemonade in my hand.     I ll post more often...I  will.  

This first one was done in pencil and marker then touched up in photoshop.  

I really love drawing old men.  They have so much character and life to them that some people dont see. I know some can be slow and blind, but some still have lots of energy as if they were 15 years younger.  pencil and marker.  

Man on the bus with pen.  

Homies at the bus stop.   Now Im not making this one up.  I saw this guy with his pants too low and his shirt too long, his hair too big and his eyes rolled back.  Intoxicated or not, he was a cool guy to draw.  


This is a sheriff that I really wanted to make look like a superhero.  I mean hes not you ordinary hero but probably cooler than Hancock....uh  I mean Will Smiths Hero.  

And Lastly just a simple drawing of a man who was reading.  


Jeff Jackson said...

These are great Fabian. That Sherrif is quite nice, though I'm not getting that super hero vibe...maybe that's just me. he's a believable officer of the law. Speaking of drawing faces, how about you draw yours and send me a picture too for sketchbook. I need soon thanks. Sorry to ask here but I am trying all leads

Adrian Liwanag said...

These are really great. The man on the bus is hilarious.

californiagrown said...

Thanks Guys!

Yeah I thought that the colors would give it a cheesy hero color scheme..but i guess not. haha