Friday, August 15, 2008

The Moon - A sketchBook

At Siggraph 2008 in LA , Cogswell College Released a book entitled "The moon - A collection of student work"  The Object of this book was to gather talented students of the school and produce a book of concept design.  5 students were chosen, myself included.  We drew designs for the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale "The Moon" .  Our designs included characters, props, landscapes, and space crafts.  Here is a sneek peek at the Book and an a closer look at the cover, which I designed.  Sorry for the bad picture quality all I had on me was my phone. 

Also if you would like to order one feel free to contact me.  I can send you one where ever you may be!


emily barrera said...

This really looks good!
You lucky little ewok, you!

Graham Ross said...


~Lord Caldwell~ said...

I'd like to buy one!, if you please...