Friday, January 02, 2009

Charles Schulz...

I had the Privelage of teaching some youngsters animation and character design this week at the Charles Schulz Museum in my hometown of Santa Rosa, CA.  
While there I got to meet Jean Schulz.  It was an honor to meet her and talk with her about her husband and about the margic of Drawing.  She told me that "Sparky" would call drawing magic and loved to see the expression of peoples faces as they watched him draw.  

His work has been with us for generations and is an inspiration  of how timeless art can be. The peanuts gang will be with us for years to come thanks to His wife Jean and her dedication to her "Sparky's" work.  

Here are some pictures From my time at the museum.   

At the museum they have tons of originals.  You can see the pencil work and the detail of the ink.  This one is an original watercolor.  You dont see many of these around.  
Jean Schulz and I at the Charles Shulz Museum. 
His drawing table.  
His inking table.  
This picture is part of a mural that he did on a wall.  It has been restored and moved to the museum.  

Sorry for the poor iphone pics!


masha said...

dude, fabian. this is masha. i just heard you're going to be teaching at cogswell. is this true? if so, good job, i am so proud of you.

John said...
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