Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mike Mattesi Workshop


Before :
Mike helped me with this one a bit.  (above)

Hey guys, 
I attended a workshop with Mike Mattesi and man did I learn a lot! 

It was so great to finally meet him after months of emailing back and forth to set the thing up.  But it was well worth it.  His theory on Force is something that I truly believe in.  Force is a way of drawing the figure to bring out the movement and essence of the pose.  But while doing this still keeping the structure and shapes of the figure all there.

 Let me show you what I did at the workshop.  Excuse my iPhone pictures.  

There was  a point in his lecture when he told us to close our eyes and picture ourselves ice skating on the body.  Feeling the rhythm of its curves and the speed of the pencil as we drag it across the paper.  

Heres some before the ice skating demo and after the ice skating demo.

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