Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break!!

Spring Break is Finally hear and Im at home all day doing my thing.  It feels really nice to have time to myself to work on my portfolio, animate and also work on my thesis project.  Well technically its Wednesday now, only a few days left. Gotta go Draw!. 
But before I do I have a few pictures for you guys.  

So for everyone who pre-ordered a book I told them I would draw something special for them.  I took a little more time drawing in the pre-orders than in any other books because I feel that these people actually paid 4 dollars more not just in shipping but for a piece of something a little more unique.  

Here a a few of them.  I was really trying to do lots of birds.  I think almost everyone who pre-ordered got a bird.  

At the Very top is a guy I saw on the train.  Apparently he saw me too! This was not drawn in someone's pre-order book.  But instead in my sketchbook.  


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