Sunday, June 21, 2009

Boxing for a cause...

So, I know its been a while since I've posted.... Im sorry. I got a job as an animator for Autumn moon entertainment, working on their latest game. The job is pretty much over but man was it a ever a learning experience! It was major crunch time when I first got hired on. The hours were long but the work was far more fun than I could have hoped for. THe team, was only a few people but we worked together very well. Thanks to Bill Tiller for giving me the opportunity to do some 3D animation for you!

Heres a link showing some screenshots of the game! Theres also some concept work there that you can see. Im not sure who did most of the designs, but i did 3 of the ones that are shown.

My goal is to one day become an animator at a major studio. 2D or 3D... Whichever way the wind blows. So on that note, Ill be updating my animation blog more often to pursue my goal. But keep checking back... Here and on my thesis page where I will start positng some artwork and beginging storyboards that I have been working on.

Thanks Guys!!

For now Here are more boxers....

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Sarah said...

haha love the boxers, especially the painting!