Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Café au lait?

This is an ode to an old stuffed animal. When I was a kid I went to a grocery store with my dad (who's name is also Fabian) and we saw a basket full of different stuffed animals, which all had different names on their tag. One in particular was named Fabian Fox. Seeing a stuffed animal with our name on it my dad and I couldn't pass up the offer. The special thing about the animals was that you could squeeze them and they would have a special saying. Fabian Fox's special saying was (in a sexy latin voice) "Would you like a Café au lait?" How Crazy is that?!?

Now, my guess at why I love drawing at coffee shops so much is probably because of this funny stuffed fox who kept offering me Café au lait in such a seductive manner.

Now in my ripe age of 25, I can say that I am drinker of coffee and cant get by a day without it. Heres to you Fabian Fox.

If you want to see the stuffed version of Fabian Fox go here... and scroll down a bit to the foxes...(im not sure foxes is a word.)


ajmihara said...

Lol. That's a good story. I luv your stuff!!! Especially the sexy latin fox.

How's it shakin? Haven't seen you since last Siggraph, right? Hope you're doing well

GhettoFab said...

hhahah So the fox started you on your way!! Awesome!

Love how this guy is really savoring it. Brilliant post Fabian!

( Man Ive missed quite a few awesome posts!! )

Fabian Molina said...

Yeah amy it has been a while. Thanks for the comment.

Mel, Thanks for the comments.Coffee is something we should all Savor! haha

Sophist said...

(im not sure foxes is a word.)

Well, the plural of ox is oxen, so the of fox ought to foxen, right?