Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Euro Trip Sketches!


Time definitely flies when your having fun! I was on vacation in Europe for just over 2 weeks and drew over 60 pages in my sketchbook!

Everything was so inspiring, from the people on the cruise I was on to the monuments in Rome and Turkey that I saw. It really opened my eyes and made me appreciate what I do and how I can take a little bit of something and make it my own in my sketch book. It also made me want to really look at where I live (San Fran! ) In a new way. I mean, Theres so much to see where you live...just open your eyes and look harder!

Heres a sample of the fun I had. Hope you Enjoy it. I know I did. Love life and be happy!!

1 comment:

Adam Knight said...

I always love seeing your sketches. They make me want to get out there, do some of my own, and push the character design.

We need to have a sketchbook day so you can teach me how to characterize from life better. These are great!