Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Characters from life@

So I know many of you have heard of character design from life from people like Stephen Silver, Mark McDonnell, and Mike Mattesi. These guys have it down!~

Simply put, when a model is in front of you, create a character from it. Create a story for it to live in and keep drawing that character for every pose your model decides to go into. This can be done with a clothed, or a nude model. Its all about what you see and what moves you about the model.

So Heres a series of drawings from life. Character was my number one goal and of course putting the force and rhythm into it as well.

Enjoy, Much Love!


Adam Knight said...

I think you're really good at doing that. That's one thing that I need to be better at.

My favorite is the second to last one. I love the rhythm in her.

Em said...

whoa! I found your blog! :D I bought your book at APE this year, and I have to thank you because it was really inspiring and it served as awesome reference when I was doing stuff for my Drawing for Film class. Will definitely be stalking this blog! :D

Fabian Molina said...

Thanks Guys!

Emerson - Yeah. It was nice meeting you at APE. Also Great stuff on your Blog!!

"TORI CAT" said...

Hey There,

Just stumbled across your blog and i'm totally diggin' your style dude!!
Great work!!
I'll certainly be back soon, to check out more of your work!!
All the best and keep it up!!

Gill Face said...

Great idea for life drawing class, I havent been since i was at uni a couple of years ago but it's my new years resolution, so I'm going to a class tomorrow in London.

(from previous post comments) I'd love to come do graduate studies in CA, but it is very expensive. But I'll settle for going out there for work! I'll be back in the summer to find some! any recommendations for the SF area?

ps. 'tori cat' TOTALLY stumbled across your blog cause of me! hahahaha! we went to uni together!

Abz said...

Im so glad i found your blog! Im going to follow you-- such raw talent! love it!!!