Friday, March 30, 2007

Bad Drawings

I go to life drawing Every week. I miss a few here and there but I presume is safe to say i go every week. Some days its a huge miss and I think Ill never get better. Then along comes a few days where I feel im learning something, ever so often these are the ones that instill somehting in me to keep pursuing this art thing. They push me to be better. I want to be like Glen Keane, but then again , what animator doesn't ? Life drawing for me is drawing what I feel from the pose, not exactly what i see. Im looking for force, weight, and beauty. Ok beauty sounds a bit chee-zy but, I see it, its jsut the drawing part thats hard. Heres a few alright attempts at the figure from my last two weeks at the Ole Figure Drawing Salon. The top four are 5 minute poses and the next two are 2 minute poses, the last one is a 1 minute pose. Ill post more soon.