Friday, March 02, 2007


Hey now that i kNow i can easily posst videos on my blog, ill start posting animation here when its finished. Man i hope i can get some good feedback here. Gott run but heres a quick ball bounce and fallow through test. Took me about 45 minutes in Plastic Animation Papaer. I onlly got a bit of feedback from a friend so if you have any comments or suggestion get back at me. NOW!


Jason said...
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ramon s. said...

yeah, the putfile ad takes up wayyyy more space than the actual animation. maybe photobucket or youtube even? that way, there's no ads.

as for the animation, nice. i wanna see what other animation stuff you got.


Jason said...

so, here's a link to that art walk gig i mentioned to you the other day, u might be interested.