Monday, May 07, 2007

San Diego Mini Caricature Convention

Anne Bush
Jeremy Townsend
Nate Kapnicky

Aaron Philby

And some unknown guy whos name eludes me right now.... If any one knows his name lemme know. haha

Hey Guys - Sorry it took me a bit to post this. But These are The pieces are created in 2 days at the San Diego mini con - C4. It was such a blast drawing and meeting new people and seeing old friends, like Gabe Hunt, Chris Daily, Beau, and many other peeps. Any ways, as alwyas I hope you enjoy. This stuff sure beats most of my stuff from 7 months ago at the big caricature convention in Orlando Fl. Click here to see my post from that convention.

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mark said...

i continue to laugh at mine. its going on the fridge. haha