Friday, October 19, 2007

For the masses and the sake of selling records!

Pen and Marker.

I started drawing boxers today while watching TV. My dad was a professional Boxer. Yeah ...he was on espn and all. So i can really get into drawing boxers, whether serious drawing or comical. I really enjoy the sport and respect it and the people who can do it well.

Just took a punch. Drawn waiting for the train.
Drawn while listening to Tia Crater (art director at Pixar) Talk at the Academy of art University. She actually said that the best thing that any artist can do is to have their sketch book on them at all times. .... I was drawing in mine the moment she said that. hehe Thought it was nice.

Drawn waiting for the train.
I felt really sick the other day and couldnt draw anything but this. Ah well.

All this Drawing.... its for the sake of selling records. One day Ill sell more albums than kanye west. Watch me.

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JeremySaliba said...

nice work man. you're showing a steady improvement-nice.