Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How many Drawing can you fit in your mouth?

I can fit about 59.4 drawings in my mouth. That includes, pen and in, copic color sketches, pencil and even some digital drawings. Do not attempt this at home! I myself would never attempt something so unhealthy, unnecessary, and so darn right silly. I just guessed.

Here are some drawings that I would choose if I were to do such a daring thing.

Pencil then a few minutes In PS.

Pencil then PS Pen

Pencil then PS


"Inked" in PS

Colored in PS
Pencil with copic marker
Pencil and PS Prisma color pencil (black) and PS


Dan Atherton said...

If those penguins don't have their own show by next year then there is no God.

dave said...

Damn! those are some nice drawings. The dog just rocks! Now spit those back out, iron them and put them in your portfolio!

Nicolas P. Villarreal said...

Very cool desings Fabian. I really like he Penguins....

Jeff Jackson said...

Gah, those basset hounds are outstanding! I really love looking at your stuff Fabian, I mean that. keep on keeping on-I want something when you're all famous and everything.