Thursday, April 09, 2009

Time FLIES!!

Well, besides time flying by these last few weeks... I have been drawing, just not posting.  The process of posting is definitely something I enjoy doing.  But man it takes some good work to scan images, crop in PS, write a blurb like this one here, and then actually post it.  So, Im sorry if I had a little blog break.  Im back and,... its almost our 3 year anniversary!  Yep, me and this Blog, we go back all the way to April, 19, 2006.  So Heres to that!

A fly eater.... 
and a Camel... 
sitting in a tree.....
ok stop that rhyming this instant!

The Fly eater is actually a creature where the big "fly eyes" on the side of his head are not his real eyes but are there to distract and pull in the flys so that he can quickly catch and eat them.  Recently I had a small case of fruit flies in my apartment and have had them on my mind because of just how pesky they really are.  So no more flies. But I did get this drawing.  

And the camel was experimentation with a new style and a bit more refinement then I usually go in my sketchbook.  For this drawing I was looking at some work by Ben Balistreri and was really enjoying they way he handled his line and also the nice geometric shapes he used to create the shape of a body. 

Hoe you guys like!

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