Monday, April 13, 2009

WorldWide Sketch Crawl # 22

This last saturday yet another sketch crawl took place in China town of San francisco.  Heres my days worth of drawings and observations. 
A conversation among 2 chinese women.  This is just prismacolor pencil.  

My boy Carlos Drawing away.  I think he may have been on the phone for part of the drawing but I opted to leave that part out.  Micron pen and watercolor

These chinese men were EVERYWHERE in little groups playing cards and in this case mah-jong.  It was so great to see so many people enjoying the beautiful weather at the same time. Pen and markers. 
Talking under the trees.  Micron and watercolor.
This guy really had to use the restroom. Prismacolor and col-erase
Chinese man Caricature.  Col-erase.
And Lastly a bunch of faces from the day.  


Gerald said...

Such a fun blog - you really captured the folk at Park!

Jillian LeNoble said...

Stupid alarm clock... I mean MY stupid alarm clock...

Oh yeah! Nice sketches!