Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Copic marker and color stix

THis is of Pope Benedict. Did this in the during the slow morning hours here at Busch Gardens.

Dude has lips!

Simple sketch but i liked it a bit.

I liked the way the dad came out in this picture but am not really pleased with the girl. Oh well

I did this as a Demo the girl didnt have any money but i still wanted to draw her. The face came out ok but im not please with the execution of the hair.

These sketches are very few from the past week that i have been somewhat pleased with. I am really trying to spend more time thinking and analyzing the faces that i draw. Sometimes its easy and i know what im going to draw before they even sit down and sometimes its hard and i have to look around me to find people to compare them to. Either way im trying to learn from every sketch i do.

1 comment:

Mark M. said...

looking good. that pope one kicks ass. you should render more with that style.