Friday, December 22, 2006

I just love my new Sketch Book -

Drew Some characters at Cicis pizza. Great Place to draw in Tampa!

Gorilla from Busch Gardens THese creatures are amazing. For the rest of my time her(a week and a half) I will be going to draw the animals at the park for my lunch hour. Youll see more pages of animals soon.

Coffee shop art. I was jazzed up on coffee when i drew these so they arent that great, but oh well, you can see them anyways.

Lately I have been Brown Baggin it!!
I bought a scrap book at borders and it has great thick brown paper with a nice tooth to it. I have been doing some cool stuff in it. So i thought id let you in on my work. I have to put this book down for a bit so that i can finish my not so cool old sketch book. (11 pages left!!)
Peace out and Happy HOlidays yall!

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