Monday, December 25, 2006

LIVE from the Busch

This GUy was fun to draw. He had no Idea why people where laughing behind me
Tried some new things here, felt it went ok. But not exactly what i had wanted it to be.
Sometimes I shade in the hair on sketches to make them pop a bit more. Not very often though . This was different from what i usually draw so i like it.
Cute kid, but man, he really did not want to get drawn. Hence the sad face in the sketch .
I was quite pleased with this sketch. This guy really liked it also.
Sketch of Marlon. Theres another picture of him below somewhere also if you want to know what he looks like.
Me hard at work!
His girlfriend made him do it.
Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider.
Thought this was funny. The mom didnt like it.
The parents and the son loved this sketch. I started off with a good idea in my head but its not what I had envisioned .
This was a demo. The guy told me i was messed up for drawing him like this. he Didnt let me take a picture of him to show you guys.

More workin!
Marilyn Monroe. Sorry Joe, I know i stole your red lips idea. Haha. Will you ever forgive me ?
And one more of me working

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